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Fire Safety

We want people to feel happy and safe in their homes and fire safety is a high priority. 

Key Housing’s properties are well built, low rise (no higher than 4 floors) and are separated from each other by fire breaks, fire doors, safe corridors and stairwells. This ensures that a fire in another flat won’t affect your home quickly.  

Inside your home the walls, and in most cases the doors, in your house or flat will protect you from a fire in another room for some time.

You will also have a fire detection system in your home, which we maintain on a regular basis. Fire detection, along with preventing a fire in the first place, is the most important safety item you have to prevent injury from fire. 

We have a fire safety leaflet which provides information and advice to help you stay safe in your home, as well as help us to keep you as safe as possible.

Below are some useful links to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website who offer a free home fire safety visit to help assess any risks.

If you have any queries about any of the information on this page please call us on 0141 342 1890.