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Being a Good Neighbour

All our tenants have the right to be able to enjoy living in their homes without fear of harassment, nuisance, distress or annoyance. These actions can sometimes be called anti-social behaviour.

Some of the things that can upset people living around you include:

• Loud noises, for example TVs, music, DIY tools (particularly if early morning/ late night)
• Harassment by neighbours/ tenants’ visitors
• Threatening or violent behaviour or verbal abuse
• Not being a responsible pet owner
• Carrying or use of an offensive weapon
• Vandalism or deliberate damage to property.

We do not tolerate any of this type of behaviour. If you feel frightened or intimidated in any way by your neighbour's behaviour, please contact the police immediately and phone your Housing Officer as soon as possible with the full details. Any calls made to the office are dealt with confidentially. We will make every effort to resolve neighbour concerns and, if necessary, we will ask other agencies for help. Find further details on how we deal with anti-social activities here.