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Communal Areas

Most of our properties will have a communal area; this could be a garden, stairwell or bin area. Below is a quick guide to maintaining these areas.

Common Stairwells
If you have a communal stairwell, you are required to share the cleaning of this with your neighbours (including common area windows and doors). If you need help arranging this with your neighbours, your Housing Officer can provide a cleaning rota. For safety reasons, any internal communal areas must be kept clear at all times.

You must not smoke in your communal stairwells. If you smoke in your communal garden, you are expected to provide a sand bucket for disposing of your cigarette ends.

Bin Area
You should ensure that your bin area is regularly cleaned and swept. All bin bags should be securely tied and placed directly inside the bin. We advise that you mark your flat/ house number on your bin and always use your own bin.

Contact your local council to find out what their recycling arrangements are.

If you require a bulk uplift, you should get in touch with your local council to arrange this and they will advise if there is a charge.

Garden Maintenance Service
In communal gardens, we organise the grass cutting and hedge/shrub trimming. The costs of this are included as a service charge in your rent. Any hanging baskets or flower pots kept by tenants are welcome. If you would like to look after an area of a shared garden, please speak to your Housing Officer.

Garden Structures
If you would like to put up a shed, greenhouse, gazebo or any other large item (for example a trampoline), you require our permission. If permission is refused, you will be given the reason for this decision. If you have a communal garden, you must also ask the permission of all other neighbours who share the garden. We can ask you to remove any items that you did not seek permission for. 

Any structure you put up is your responsibility which means that you are liable for any loss/damage and for its disposal if you no longer want it or move away.