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A place to be me

More than anything Kaitlin enjoys time to herself. It’s so important for her to
know the times in the day when she can just be on her own and play her
music, loudly!

As she lived with family before the move, it had been difficult for her to get the space to do this. Now that she’s in her own flat, she can do what she wants, when she wants. She enjoys a varied range of social activities, including the walking group, which she absolutely loves. Like Brogan and Harley, she participates in the online fitness and dance classes. She’s recently taken up baking too, an activity which her team help her with. Routine is important to Kaitlin. She likes to know that she has scheduled those precious ‘me’ time slots into her days, and also likes to know which of her team to expect each day and what they’ll be doing together. To help with this, the team make sure she always gets a rota on Fridays for the following week.

For Kaitlin her move has enabled her to find the right balance between having interesting things to do, spending time with friends, and being able to get away from it all when she feels the need.