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Some of our tenants have a furnishings charge included in their rent; this goes towards the replacement of particular items of furniture over an 8 year period. If you have a furnishings package, you will find a list of the included items at the back of your Tenancy Agreement.

Claiming Replacement Items
If you need to replace an item please call 0141 342 1859 or email Furnishings before ordering new furnishings.

Repairs to faulty white goods are also covered in your furnishings package. You can find out more about organising a repair by calling 0141 342 1859 or emailing Furnishings.

We have created guidance with more details about our furnishings packages, as well as tips for purchasing energy efficient white goods. You can find this here or call 0141 342 1810 and we can post out a paper copy.

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