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Becoming a member of Key Housing Association costs just £1.00. Once you have joined you will receive a copy of our annual report as well as a share certificate. You can also vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Anybody can become a member; you don't have to be a tenant.

If you would like to become a member you can print a copy of our membership form and policy.

Key also encourages people who are interested in our work to consider seeking election as a Board Member and is committed to ensuring broad representation from the communities that it serves. Board Members do not require ‘qualifications’ but, from time to time, we will seek to recruit people with specific skills and experience to add to or expand the existing range of skills and experience available to ensure that the governing body is able to fulfil its purpose. We carry out an annual review of the skills that we have and those that we need to inform our recruitment activities.

If you would like further information about this call our Governance Manager 0141 342 1890.