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Roy's lockdown life

Roy is very close to his cousin Rena and her husband; they are an important part of his life and the support he gets to live it to the full. Since lockdown though Rena and her husband have been shielding, so Roy hasn’t been able to have the same regular contact with them.

Not being able to be as involved in each other’s life has been difficult for Roy, Rena and her husband, however Roy’s team have done everything they possibly could to lessen the impact of this on Roy’s day-to-day life.

At one-point Roy himself had suspected symptoms of Covid-19 which was naturally very worrying for everyone in Roy’s life, especially Rena. So she was grateful for, and reassured by, the continued support that Roy got from his team, particularly Sandra, during this anxious time for them.

Each day during lockdown Roy and his team would go for their permitted daily exercise by having a walk which always included passing by Rena’s house so that they could ‘see’ each other through the window and have a wee wave.  

Roy’s friends and wider family are also incredibly important to him, even though some of his extended family live in other parts of the world. Therefore, to enable him to stay connected with his friends and distant family his team have supported him to have ‘Zoom’ calls with the important people in his life.

Elizabeth from his team also arranged for him to receive a free weekly meal which is delivered each Friday by Carmyle Community Centre. He recently enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea as a result of this!

Rena says that all her family are in awe of the support Roy has received from his team and how they have often gone above and beyond to ensure Roy, Rena and her husband’s lives have not been negatively impacted by coronavirus. She had particular thanks for all that Sandra and Elizabeth have done for them. A wee example of this is that Elizabeth, in her own time, has picked up shopping and medication for Rena and her husband while they have been shielding.

Rena wanted to share this story as way of expressing her thanks to Roy’s team and how much they have appreciated the thoughtful, compassionate way they have provided support at such a difficult time.