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Hearing directly from people supported by Key and their experiences of receiving this support is a vital part of the training which all our workers receive. A diverse group of Co-trainers, drawn from people we support participate in co-delivering staff training courses, alongside a member of our Staff Learning and Development team.

Their input is invaluable to giving workers a firm understanding of what good support means to people who receive it and also ensuring they know, from the very beginning, that we should always take our lead from the person who receives support, or their family.

The very first session of our Introduction to Practice induction training is delivered by a Co-trainer to emphasise the message that the people we support are at the very heart of everything we do. Each Co-trainer works with their support team and TAG (The Advisory Group) colleagues to develop a presentation which takes workers through how they are supported, what good support means to them and the importance of listening to and respecting the person with support.