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An image showing a person with support taking a break from a table tennis game.

Community Lifestyles Support

We are passionate about providing support that is person-centred and focused on people achieving the life they want. Whatever people want from their life, our approach is always to:

  • Get to know the person, their family and other people important to them really well
  • Actively involve the person in decisions about how they use their support and choosing workers for their team
  • Complement and build upon the support they get from other people in their life and community.

We work closely with each person, and the important people in their life, to plan and design what they want from their support. This could be through a Self-directed Support (SDS) budget or another funding arrangement and could be for things like:

  • Feeling safe and secure
  • Keeping well and staying healthy
  • Being as independent as possible
  • Having interesting things to do
  • Being connected with family and friends
  • Feeling good about life.

We have a long history of supporting people with a wide range of needs and a strong reputation for sticking with people through life’s ups and downs. Some of the areas we have developed particular expertise around include: